Our Vision

SelectServe is a Managed Multiple Service Provider envisioned to provide a professional, dedicated approach to service excellence.

Regardless of your position in either life or business, at some point you have needed assistance.  That’s what true managed services are.  Think of SelectServe a MSP (Managed Service Provider) as an assistant.

What are the two most common fears many organizations face when they are approached by an MSP, outside of the outsourcing fear?

  • Loss of control.
  • Lack of response.

Many organizations will feel like they are losing valuable control over important aspects of their day-to-day operations should they allow an outside entity access to those components.  Many also feel that not having a person on staff to handle the needs of the company can create an Achilles Heel to their organization’s ability to function.  While these are rational fears, many times they can be handled by simply making an intelligent evaluation of the MSP in front of you.  A good MSP will insure that clients understand their infrastructure services and have the ability to review their infrastructure at any moment.

Once an organization can overcome the first three fears of outsourcing, control and response, they can begin to focus on the benefits a good MSP can bring to the table.

Choosing to work with SelectServe means the following:
  • Solid, predictable budgeting.  SelectServe can provide services at a flat monthly rate.  This allows for easy budget management with no surprises.
  • Access to a team.  SelectServe is staffed with multiple tiers of experts.  This affords our clients to tap into resources that may not normally be available through a traditional structure.
  • Lower operating costs.  SelectServe can provide a team of experts and products at numbers less than what would normally cost an organization to hire an individual.
  • One less thing to worry about.  Choosing SelectServe means that there is one less thing that an organization needs to deal with.

After an organization starts to see the financial benefits to working with SelectServe, they can then start to look at the operational benefits of the partnership and recognize immediately the added value a we can offer by:

  • Extending their infrastructure with monitoring and alerting on critical components.
  • Auditing systems, operations and procedures and establishing a routine for hands on management.
  • Assisting in the creation of operational standards.
  • Instant addition of comprehensive multiple operational services to your organization.

There is very little businesses left that can function without multiple services touching their day-to-day operations.  Technology has become an underlying reliance for almost every aspect of our day to day lives.

Remember, SelectServe is not outsourcing.  Outsourcing is the total surrender of an aspect of your organization to an outside entity.  SelectServe is an extension of your business, giving you a more manageable budget, a more powerful infrastructure, and overall peace of mind.

We Embody Service Excellence!

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